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Dr. Sherr  is one of the few providers in the USA combining integrative medicine (targeted lab work, diet, supplementation, expert referral, and additional modalities) with 

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment to maximize healing & optimize performance 

Dr. Sherr  is available for Integrative HBOT advocacy and consultation in Northern California (where he lives) and worldwide through telemedicine.  

Dr. Sherr is also a Medical Advisor to  Hyperbaric Medical Solutionsin New York (NYC + Long Island HBOT Locations) and the  One Hit Away Foundation.  

Hyperbaric Treatment 

Hyperbaric Treatment

Dr. Scott D. Sherr 

Dr. Sherr believes that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy  (HBOT) is one of the most powerful ways to accelerate and optimize wound healing and decrease inflammation. He creates personalized treatment plans that integrate cutting edge & dynamic HBOT protocols, adjunctive technologies, and nutritional interventions that hyperdrive recovery and optimize (cognitive & physical) performance.  

The administration of 100% oxygen at greater than atmospheric pressure. Check out the HMS promo: